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Samjung Deli offers a range of cakes, confectioneries and fresh baked bead with an aesthetically pleasing appearance and welcoming tastes from our skilled patissiers. Offering various global foods such as wines and cheeses their regions of origin, we are ready to please your palate. Advance requests are also possible. Every evening from 20:00 to 22:00 is Happy Hour with all items except cakes. are sold at a 30% discount. Please come to Samjung Deli and enjoy the mood and find peace of mind with a slice of cake and a cup of coffee.

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TEL 02)6916-0242


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Gang Nam-gu Yeok Sam Dong, 604-11 (Bongeunsa-ro 150)

TEL  02)557-1221
FAX  02)556-1126

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